Bi-Estro Pack – 1 Bi-Estro and 1 Progesterone | 2 Natural Menopause Products in One | Made in the USA



  • Available in 2 oz. & 4 oz. Pump Bottles & Jars
  • Aids in the relief of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms
  • Non–GMO | Unscented | Gluten And Soy Free
  • 80/20 Blend of Natural Estrogens
  • All-Natural Non-Prescription Hormone Balance – For All Women 

Herbal Based non-prescription Bi Estro Lotions and creams are a unique combination of two estrogen solutions intended to support an optimal hormonal equilibrium. Both are made the same way from plant extracts like wild yam. 4 pumps or (1/4 teaspoon) produce about 1 mg of Estriol and 0.25 mg of Estradiol. Estradiol is the most active form of estrogen, and the one produced most predominantly by a woman’s ovaries before menopause. Levels fall after menopause and after hysterectomy when the ovaries are removed. All Estrogen should be used in conjunction with our natural progesterone cream to prevent a hormonal imbalance. Our Natural Progesterone is created from wild yam. Our years of experience combine clinically tested skincare ingredients with micronized natural progesterone. The lanol vegetable ester is blended with aloe vera and a dermal delivery system. Lanol is one of the finest cosmetic moisturizers and is reputed to maintain a youthful appearance. Aloe vera is world-renowned for its capability to hydrate the skin. Naturally Complete is the purest, cleanest natural progesterone available and gives superior penetration for the deepest and most complete delivery of natural progesterone. Gain the natural radiance and beauty of youth.


Natural Bi-Estro 1/4 teaspoon of cream to clean dry skin. (back of the knees, inner arms, upper chest, neck & face). Or use as directed by a healthcare professional. Rotate the application area daily. 4 pumps of 1/4 teaspoon equal about 1 mg Estriol & 0.25 mg Estradiol. It should be used in conjunction with our natural Progesterone cream. Natural Progesterone- (Post-menopause) 1/4 teaspoon for 21 consecutive days a month. Repeat monthly


Made with Non-GMO Ingredients Purified water, Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) seed oil, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera gel extract), Sepigel 305 (Polyacrylamide, C13-14 isoparaffin, Laureth-7), Potassium Sorbate, Cannabis sativa (Hemp) seed oil, Oenothera biennis (Evening primrose) oil, Prunus armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil, Vitis vinifera (Grape) seed oil, Estriol, Estradiol, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) oil, Sorbic acid.

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Not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. All information compiled is strictly for educational purposes. Naturally Complete LLC. and Radiant Laboratories are not the sole sources of or responsible for the informational content. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Products and/or statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult with a healthcare professional. No animal testing is performed.

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